Cramping During Pregnancy

Although it is quite joyful to have a baby, however a mother may experience sever types of the cramps which can be highly unpleasant for the mothers who are going to deliver the babies. Although minor type of the cramps are the part of the normal pregnancy phenomena but the sever cramps can really turn the mother into a great pain. As it is due to the fact that body has to adapt according to the position and the condition of the baby in the belly so it can cause cramps. The main reason for such types of the cramps is baby.

As the size of the bay increases in the body so the uterine has to be stretched to accommodate the baby, so it can result in the cramps as the ligaments in this case can also be affected.

During the first stages of the pregnancy the embryo attaches him to the uterine wall which can also result in the cramps. Cramping caused by the miscarriage is the most severe and painful of all the reasons as it can set the mother in great pain. But sometimes normal cramps in the body of the pregnant woman are also confused with the irregular cramps.

Cramping during pregnancy can also be caused by the pressure from outside the body on the fetus which may result in the death of the fetus. These reasons along with some other make the pregnancy period quite difficult for the mother. If the conditions get worsen one must go for an examination by the doctor. Bleeding with cramps must be taken care of immediately as it can be serious and may result in some serious kind of the trouble to both mother and the baby. Some other conditions like food poisoning, stomach microbes etc. may also lead to the cramps.

Such type of cramping during pregnancy can be accompanied by the vaginal fluids, bleeding from the vagina. Chills, fever, etc. There are many ways to relieve cramping during the period of the pregnancy. One of the ways is to consult a doctor which can prescribe some medication to control or stop these cramps in the body of the mother. There are also many exercises which a pregnant woman can do to relieve such type of the cramps. Pursed-lip breathing can be highly useful in the prevention of the cramping during pregnancy.

However prevention is better than cure, a woman must avoid some sort of the strenuous activity to avoid such a condition of the pregnancy. Although, people consider it blessing to have a baby, but it is one of the most painful phenomenon of the whole world. Cramping is one of the examples of this phenomenon.

Many mothers get afraid to have baby gain because of these severe cramps and other hardships she has to face during and after the pregnancy. One of the important things to notice is that the cramping is not related to the periods of the women but it’s related to the baby during pregnancy.


Cramping During Pregnancy
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