Pregnancy Bleeding

You have shared exciting news of your pregnancy with your friends and family. In the morning as you wake up and notice a spot of blood on your underwear and suddenly you are as frightened as you have never been. Don’t panic although bleeding during pregnancy is never considered normal bleeding during First Trimester is very common.

In fact we can say that one quarter of all women who delivering healthy babies come across with some bleeding in the First Trimester. Many of the couples expect pregnancy at some point and when they try for the first time, it suddenly dawns on them what a gamble pregnancy actually is. One of the most frightening things is to experience bleeding in the first part of pregnancy.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

First Trimester bleeding is noted during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy and it is a very common symptom for sending a women to her obstetrician rightly. Bleeding during the pregnancy can be caused by several different factors. Bleeding affects a moderate percentage of all pregnancies. Half of those who bleed may go on to have a miscarriage, of even more concern; however is that about 3% of all pregnancies are in location.

An ectopic pregnancy may be dangerous for the mother. All bleeding associated with early pregnancy is a call for your health care provider for immediate evaluation. One of the possible causes is related to the aggressive growth o the placenta. As the placenta establishes contact with the material circulation, some bleeding of the uterine wall may occur.

This could cause retro-placenta bleeding and some of the blood may escape causing vaginal bleeding. There are several sings that may indicate the bleeding is a symptom of implicated miscarriage.

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The most sensitive sing and the one that your practitioner will probably ask you about first is pain. In a miscarriage usually bleeding is associated with some lower abdominal cramping.

In addition, the volume of bleeding is generally quite a bit heavier in an accidental miscarriage than in a normal pregnancy. A blighted ovum is a very common cause of miscarriage. It is quite misleading because it is not necessarily the ovum that is abnormal but is the combination of the ovum and sperm. The chromosomal defect is so high that although the pregnancy advances development cannot proceed beyond the earliest stage.

In most cases of this kind of ovum is only the placental tissue not the embryo that has developed. This ovum does not indicate that any of the parents has any chromosomal abnormality. There are very few chances that it will happen again in a future pregnancy. This has important implication for dealing with miscarriage both medically and psychologically.

Because a blighted ovum is determined now of conception nothing can be done now, but if it is going to happen it is going to happen. This also means that if u does have a miscarriage you should never blame yourself. Actually nothing you do can damage a normal pregnancy and in reality there is nothing you can do to save an abnormal one.


Pregnancy Bleeding
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