Pregnancy Discharge

It must be noted that during pregnancy a woman may go under certain changes in her body which can be even annoying for her. But as it is a stage of the changes in the hormonal levels of the body so it must be considered normal. One of the basic changes during pregnancy is discharge from the vagina. So she must take it as a timely change.


The main reason for this is that the vagina gets soft and liable to more secretion as during this critical period of pregnancy there is an increase blood supply to the vagina along with the female hormones named as estrogen and progesterone. So these factors combined with some others can lead to an increased amount of the mucous secretion from the vagina.

Women most of the times confuse this condition with the leucorrhea, but it must be noticed that this increased secretion is only because of the fact that pregnancy enhances these conditions. This discharge is usually from the cervix, vagina and the old and dead cells from the vagina containing the flora of the vagina. Normally this condition is related to the leucorrhea which is noticed before the advent of pregnancy.


As the pregnancy proceeds the secretions from the vagina and the cervix are also increased. It is just simple as the vagina gets more sensitive as the pregnancy leads towards the birth process. So this is a continuous process till delivery so a woman must not be worried and a doctor or gynecologist must be consulted regularly on daily basis near the crucial period.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download


In some women this condition comes with a lot of surprise as the women consider it different from the routine behavior of their vagina. Sometimes, women may take pill to avoid the pregnancy; this surprising behavior is more common in such women as the pill results in the production of the discharge of this milky white fluid from the vagina.


As the pregnancy proceeds the color of the vagina and the area around it changes due to an increased amount of the blood supply delivered to that particular area. This can result in an increased libido in the women causing them to have a more sexual desire. Moreover, the baby in the womb can also exert pressure on the genitals, thus causing them bulged.


Sometimes, water breaking in the women is confused with the factor that in the morning there can be pooling of such a liquid in the vagina which can come out when a woman awakes from the sleep. But it is a normal phenomenon which must not be taken as some disorder or some other condition which is not related to the pregnancy conditions. Women may get it wrong as they can be excited or in pain at that time. So it’s the duty of the gynecologist to properly guide the women in this case. Woman cannot risk her and her child life. It seems to be a little problem but in reality it may get severe.

Pregnancy Discharge
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