Pregnancy First Trimester

Pregnancy first trimester and specially the first week is very uncertain for some of the women. They are still confused about their pregnancy. But the joy to feel pregnant first time makes a woman feel feminine. The feeling of expecting a child is a new experience for the women getting pregnant first time.

There are many symptoms seen on the first trimester for example, menstrual cycle is delayed, breasts get tender and the woman gets tired.  Some women also go through morning sickness. This makes them believe that they really are pregnant. The first trimester of pregnancy is very exciting, but not for every woman. Pregnancy of every woman is not similar. Some women may experience symptoms during their pregnancy and some women might not experience them.

Most of the women experience mood swings in during their pregnancy. It is a very common symptom. But there are certain rules and steps as the woman discovers that she is pregnant. The very first step is as she comes to know about her pregnancy, she must go for a doctor. The doctor after doing some examination will make sure that if the woman is perfectly healthy to deliver her baby. For the women who do not know their last period date, they go for sonogram. The sonogram determines the age or woman’s fetus.

Health is the priority for pregnancy. Doctors give many vitamins and syrups to woman and advice them to have those medicines throughout their pregnancy and some of them after delivery too. But some woman still doesn’t prefer these medicines as they think that these medicines might be the reason for their mood swings. Nausea and etc But still doctors prefer them to have these nutrients. If these vitamins etc are not working for the ladies then they must talk to their doctors about it. Doctors might come up with any nutritional food and supplements.

Nausea is very common in first trimester. It usually occurs in the morning but not always. Woman feel very tired and they might get dizzy spells. Breast gets tender in first trimester. They keep on getting tenderer and sometimes it becomes very irritating and painful too. Doctors may give some remedies and some useful home remedies too.

In the first trimester the baby is very small, might be of few cells. The baby might be hiding in the ovary of the woman. And the woman is completely unaware of the fact that what is going on with her.

A woman starts gaining weight in second and third trimester. Woman may feel a slight change in her abdomen but it will not be noticeable. She will notice it in 4th month most probably. After 4th month her size of clothes will be changed with an increase in her abdominal body. The fourth month is the time to maintain diet and to carry out an exercise plan. These plans can work out thorough out the pregnancy of the woman. But a doctor must be recommended before starting onto any kind of diet or exercise.

Pregnancy First Trimester
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