Pregnancy Weeks

As far as the body of the mother is concerned in the 1st week of the pregnancy, mother should be careful about the habits and the routine in a way that baby must not be affected in some negative manner. During the 2nd week the uterine wall and the lining will further grow to nourish the baby which will be now secreting FSH hormones. The 3rd week will demand the proper intake of the dietary constituents in a balanced manner so as to give proper nourishment to the baby. Diets containing folic acid and the protein will be considered as the body of the mother will need these constituents.

In the 4th week the baby will release a hormone HCG which will send a signal to the ovary to stop releasing the eggs. During the 5th week of the pregnancy a mother should avoid the intake of the several foods which can affect the growth of the baby. In the 6th week there will be a complete onset of the conditions which a mother may suffer in case of pregnancy like nausea, sickness, breast aching, morning sickness and certain changes in the hormones. 7th week brings the changes in the cervix of the women which will result in the protection of the uterus.

In the 8th week a women may have the missed periods, nausea and the clothes will get in fitting. 9th week will bring the examination of the baby in the belly of the woman. 10th week is characterized by the by the tests and the certain treatment by the doctor which will make sure the health of the baby. A woman must gain weight in the 11th week of the pregnancy to ensure the normal pregnancy. There will be an increased flow of blood during the 12th week of the pregnancy thus giving a glow to the mother. In the prenatal examination a woman can be prescribed with some vitamins to make a healthy baby in the 13th week. 14th and the 15th week are with some normal changes and with some tests.

16th to 18th week is also crucial and there can be a triple marker test. Now in the next weeks till 2oth the hormonal system will prepare the body to start the production of the milk in the body. Now as far as the condition of baby is concerned in the womb, it will create the intestines and the amniotic fluid will play its role to protect the bay.

Taste buds and the brain will be further developing during the 22nd week of the pregnancy. In the 23rd week fat will begin to deposit on the baby. The lungs of the baby will be producing surfactants in the 24th week as it can prevent the lungs from any damage. Now the movements of the baby will be more noticed in the 25th week. So this was a complete description of the pregnancy weeks and 2-3 times appearances in the body of the mother in a very effective manner to show a complete manner of the pregnancy.

Pregnancy Weeks
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