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Pregnancy And Diarrhea

Diarrhea is most commonly termed as a symptom then to define it from some disorder of the body; however, it is characterized by the loose movements of the bowel in the intestine. Diarrhea during pregnancy is not very uncommon and there can be many reasons for this in the pregnant women. It can be due to the excessive intake of water, some workout plan during pregnancy etc. some women even complain about the supplements they have been taking during the pregnancy period.

Sometimes the flora of the intestine can also cause the diarrhea in the women with pregnancy. Food poisoning can be another reason. However, such type of diarrhea during pregnancy doesn’t persist as it is rare as compared to the other severe condition which is constipation. If it last over a day, then a doctor must be consulted as it may lead to some unpleasant affects for both the mother and the baby. In pregnancy even a mild condition other than diarrhea must also be taken care of. Continue reading “Pregnancy And Diarrhea”

Pregnancy And Diarrhea
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First Trimester Pregnancy

It is the dream of every woman to become a mother.  Though they have to suffer many difficulties in there pregnancy period yet they love to enjoy their pregnancy time. If you are wondering for some information regarding your first trimester pregnancy, then I must suggest you to carry on reading this article as it cover all the points which you have to keep in mind during the first trimester pregnancy. This time period has its own importance as women feel many vital changes in their body. If they are not aware of some important fact then they may suffer some bad experience.

How to keep yourself fit and active?

This is one of the most important questions for which every pregnant women wonder. Sometime it happens that when you become pregnant you lose your original figure of the body. No matters how hard you have worked for the perfect figure of the body as soon as you give a birth of a child you lose the figure.

To avoid this thing the first thing which you have to keeping mind is that you have to do regular exercise. This will keep your body fit and this will also helpful for the better health of your child. While doing the exercise the main thing you have to keep in mind is that always try to avoid such exercise that are harmful for your body. In case you exercise include lifting of heavy weight then you have to avoid it. You are highly recommended to avoid such exercises that are harmful for your child. Continue reading “First Trimester Pregnancy”

First Trimester Pregnancy
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Pregnancy Weeks

As far as the body of the mother is concerned in the 1st week of the pregnancy, mother should be careful about the habits and the routine in a way that baby must not be affected in some negative manner. During the 2nd week the uterine wall and the lining will further grow to nourish the baby which will be now secreting FSH hormones. The 3rd week will demand the proper intake of the dietary constituents in a balanced manner so as to give proper nourishment to the baby. Diets containing folic acid and the protein will be considered as the body of the mother will need these constituents.

In the 4th week the baby will release a hormone HCG which will send a signal to the ovary to stop releasing the eggs. During the 5th week of the pregnancy a mother should avoid the intake of the several foods which can affect the growth of the baby. In the 6th week there will be a complete onset of the conditions which a mother may suffer in case of pregnancy like nausea, sickness, breast aching, morning sickness and certain changes in the hormones. 7th week brings the changes in the cervix of the women which will result in the protection of the uterus. Continue reading “Pregnancy Weeks”

Pregnancy Weeks
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