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Bleeding During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the milestone in women’s life that is very special. It is a positive event in one’s life that is memorable and unforgettable. It is a condition in which an expectant mother is carrying the life of her child inside her stomach. The worth of a woman lies towards capacity of bearing a child inside her tummy and nurturing it.  It is somehow a delicate stage of womanhood.

With this beautiful milestone in life come several risks. Among the most common risk is bleeding during pregnancy. This is one of the major conditions that pregnant women face. Bleeding may vary depending on the stage of pregnancy. It is during the first trimester of pregnancy that bleeding usually occurs. It comes in the form of vaginal bleeding. It is considerably a normal incident during first trimester. Continue reading “Bleeding During Pregnancy”

Bleeding During Pregnancy
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Pregnancy Bleeding

You have shared exciting news of your pregnancy with your friends and family. In the morning as you wake up and notice a spot of blood on your underwear and suddenly you are as frightened as you have never been. Don’t panic although bleeding during pregnancy is never considered normal bleeding during First Trimester is very common.

In fact we can say that one quarter of all women who delivering healthy babies come across with some bleeding in the First Trimester. Many of the couples expect pregnancy at some point and when they try for the first time, it suddenly dawns on them what a gamble pregnancy actually is. One of the most frightening things is to experience bleeding in the first part of pregnancy. Continue reading “Pregnancy Bleeding”

Pregnancy Bleeding
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Pregnancy Discharge

It must be noted that during pregnancy a woman may go under certain changes in her body which can be even annoying for her. But as it is a stage of the changes in the hormonal levels of the body so it must be considered normal. One of the basic changes during pregnancy is discharge from the vagina. So she must take it as a timely change.


The main reason for this is that the vagina gets soft and liable to more secretion as during this critical period of pregnancy there is an increase blood supply to the vagina along with the female hormones named as estrogen and progesterone. So these factors combined with some others can lead to an increased amount of the mucous secretion from the vagina.

Continue reading “Pregnancy Discharge”

Pregnancy Discharge
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