Early Pregnancy Discharge

Early pregnancy discharge must not be ignored. It is not just a symptom of pregnancy; it might be because of certain disorder or unexpected problem. Discharge in early pregnancy is very normal and expected as well but in some cases early pregnancy discharge and bleeding may lead to serious conditions.

Women should not think that the discharge she is having is a normal thing. She should look into the fact that if she is having discharge more than normal amount then she must consult a doctor. If the discharge is uncontrollable and the bleeding rate is high then she must go to an expert and get proper treatment.

One of the earliest symptoms of pregnancy is discharge. When a women gets pregnant her body goes through different hormonal changes as she is going to deliver a new life from her womb, because of these changes early pregnancy discharge is triggered. There are different categories of discharge. But a typical category of early pregnancy discharge is Leucorrhea. Leucorrhea is clear or in some cases whitish discharge.

Leucorrhea has fishy or mild smell and it does not cause any kind of irritation in the body. This discharge is often pinkish brown color too. This pinkish brown color is not dangerous, sometimes women get nervous because of its color but actually it is little bit of blood that is left from the previous menstrual cycle. Leucorrhea is caused just because of estrogen levels that start increasing in a female body during her pregnancy. And it flow more blood to the vagina.

Leucorrhea to some extent is not harmful, unless it leads to high bleeding and uncontrollable discharge. A woman would feel this kind of discharge around the time of her normal periods would begin. This is nothing serious to get tensed about. As long the woman feels no odor or bad smell as well as itching or irritation, it is normal. But if it is foul smelling and burning accompanied by itching than the women must look for a specialist because it might be some kind of infection in the vagina.

But not every woman faces such early pregnancy symptoms. Some woman does not experience this kind of discharge, but it doesn’t mean that they are not pregnant. If there is no discharge still a woman can be pregnant. A doctor must be seen to have a satisfactory diagnose of being pregnant or not.

High estrogen level and blood flow accompanied by this whitish discharge is a sign of pregnancy. Some women take it as a sign while others are not able to determine the exact reason for it. This discharge is just because of the secretion from the cervix and vagina. A woman can diagnose her pregnancy by herself, if she pays attention on the amount of her regular discharge every month.

In this way as she will experience more discharge she can easily come to a result that she is pregnant and it is one of the symptoms of being pregnant. This discharge is continuous throughout pregnancy until the labor pain begins.

Early Pregnancy Discharge
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