Pregnancy And Diarrhea

Diarrhea is most commonly termed as a symptom then to define it from some disorder of the body; however, it is characterized by the loose movements of the bowel in the intestine. Diarrhea during pregnancy is not very uncommon and there can be many reasons for this in the pregnant women. It can be due to the excessive intake of water, some workout plan during pregnancy etc. some women even complain about the supplements they have been taking during the pregnancy period.

Sometimes the flora of the intestine can also cause the diarrhea in the women with pregnancy. Food poisoning can be another reason. However, such type of diarrhea during pregnancy doesn’t persist as it is rare as compared to the other severe condition which is constipation. If it last over a day, then a doctor must be consulted as it may lead to some unpleasant affects for both the mother and the baby. In pregnancy even a mild condition other than diarrhea must also be taken care of.

Now the question is what to do to prevent this diarrhea during the pregnancy. The first and the foremost action must be that a physician should be consulted. Food which can cause diarrhea must be avoided as it may enhance the chances to have diarrhea. Foods like milk, spicy and the oily things, and dried fruits must be avoided in such a condition of the pregnancy and diarrhea.  In this condition the food must be balanced and the intake of the food must be according to the advice o the doctor.

Foods like banana, bread rice and the toast must be considered in this case as it can avoid the onset of diarrhea in this condition of the pregnancy and diarrhea. An additional intake of the minerals and the vitamins must also be considered as it can ensure the health of the baby and the mother in an effective manner. Lean meat without any fat, yogurt, and vegetables like carrot must also be added in the regular diet of the pregnant woman to prevent her from this condition.

Avoid beverages and the drinks which can cause the accumulation of the water in the stomach. These drinks with a high content of the sugar must be avoided. Drinking water is the best source than such types of the drinks for the safety of the mother and the baby in the womb. So a mother must be aware of all these factors as it is important for the healthy pregnancy.

Medications can also be used in the severe conditions as it can be effective. These medications must be used on the advice of the doctor so as to avoid any interaction and the medication may not pass the placental barrier of the body as it can affect the baby. One thing must be kept in the mind that the mild diarrhea is not worry about, but in the severe state it may result in the harmful effects which can be quite damaging. So in these cases one must go for the proper treatment which becomes the only option for the mother.



Pregnancy And Diarrhea
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